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Unlimited Personal Lifetime Coaching

While there is a certain amount of technical knowledge that is required to be an investor using owner financing, it also requires certain people skills in order to be successful. Just like medical school can teach the medical student the technical aspects of the human body, in order to truly understand what it takes to become a successful doctor the medical student needs to take the next step in their training.

Owner Financing Academy offers that next step in training through our Unlimited Lifetime Personal Coaching. For those students electing to participate in this training, the Academy’s expert coaches (highly experienced investor) will continue to the training of the investor at the kitchen table during real life deals.

Using the marketing techniques and strategies taught in the marketing section, the investor will generate a qualified lead from a seller. Using the information from the Seller Questionnaire as well as publicly available information on the property, the experienced coach will evaluate the potential deal and if it firs our criteria will then draft the contract and all required disclosures. The experienced coach will then meet the investor at the seller’s house, where they will continue the next phase of the training.

We believe the only way to learn how to do real estate investing correctly, without having to spend years and untold thousands of dollars on mistakes, is to learn doing the deals in real life. We take our training to the seller’s kitchen table, where we show you how to connect with the seller, discuss the valuation of their home and the options available to the seller, and finally how to make and explain our offer to the seller. When the seller agrees to our offer, we explain all the benefits and risks of our offer, and then proceed explaining the contract and required disclosures.

Our Owner Finance Academy coaches will go out on an unlimited number of transactions until the investor feels comfortable in making the offer to the seller alone. While the investor is participating in this phase of the Program, the investor cannot lose any money on any house purchased.


That is right, the Company will accept all risks associated with purchasing the houses. Furthermore, the investor will actually be paid while we train. Even though we are doing the majority of the work, we will pay the investor for each property acquired.

While we are available for the occasional question, we expect the investor to learn the necessary information either during the Boot Camp or by viewing the relevant short training videos. The “unlimited” aspect of the personal coaching refers to the number of leads and transactions the coaches will accompany the investor to the seller’s house and teach them the art of making the offer on as part of their training. The unlimited description does not refer to the coaches doing the work of marketing or securing leads for the investor.

We are making this coaching available to the investor for the lifetime that they are working with the company (or any of our affiliated companies).  Even after the investor becomes a partner, the lifetime coaching will always be available to our investors. If the investor chooses to create their own investment company that competes with ours, of if the investor leaves to work with a competitive investment company, then the coaching will no longer be available to the investor.

Once the investor is comfortable at marketing, located motivated sellers, writing the contracts and disclosures, making the offer, and having the seller sign the acquisition contract and understand what they are signing, then the investor is ready to move on to the Path of Partnership or to start their own company.

The Unlimited Lifetime Personal Coaching is only being offered for the Acquisition phase and is only available in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in the State of Texas at this time.


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