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The National Leading Owner Financing Academy

We are offering a way for everyone from the brand-new investor to the experienced investor to greatly accelerate their path to success, learning how to do real estate the right way, quickly and efficiently.

Owner financing occurs when the owner provides the financing for the buyer to purchase the house, instead of the buyer seeking help from a third-party.

Instead of having your buyer borrow the money from a bank or mortgage lender, the ownership themselves lends the money to the buyer so they can purchase the property.

Thus, instead of the bank or mortgage lender collecting all money from the interest on the loan, as an investor, we collect all that interest over the life of the loan.

Yes, you can sell houses and create mortgage loans as an investor.

Founder of the Owner Finance Academy,

Grant Trevithick; 

Grant Trevithick is first and foremost a real estate investor, primarily using the strategy and techniques called owner financing. He spends the vast majority of each day helping his clients solve their major life challenges related to real estate; buying houses from people that need to sell them but otherwise would not be able to do so, taking those same houses and selling them to great families that want to have their piece of the American dream but cannot obtain a traditional mortgage loan, helping investors build their careers and realize their dreams, and making significant contributions to the community through service and his financial contributions.








“It was a blessing to me. They exceeded my expectations. They put something together that you can implement immediately. They actually partner with you to get into action.”

– Walter

“I’ve been representing the US for the past 27 years with swimming. Grant made such a complex topic easy to understand. Owner Finance Academy really provide that next step for a financial future for my family.”

– Randal

“I’ve sold my fifth house in three months working with Grant and the team. All you really need to do is to get off your butt and take action.”

– Peter

“I was questioning whether I was really wanting to do this until I got in. The first night part of my interest hearing how many possibilities are out there. Now after a whole weekend I am really excited.”

– Julie

“I just took my first training course. It was very enlightening on how simple it seems to make money on owner finance holders. I am looking forward to work and partner with Grant.”

– Jackie

“I am learning a lot about real estate investing. The training and comradery were excellent. You learn a lot of things you wouldn’t learn trough just reading books and buying cd’s.”

– Don and Jeff

“I’ve learned how to make another extra income on the side by helping other people out. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on other courses but I can tell you this is the real deal and the right deal”

– Brian

“I just finished a three-day training and it was great. I learned a whole lot. I am blessed to be here and they’re really good teachers.”

– Brent

“Everything we heard sounded too good to be true. After the program, we did the thing they asked us to do. Within two weeks we purchased our first home. We saw firsthand that everything they said was true. Every time we worked with somebody we found that there was a win-win-win situation.”

– Gene