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Partnership Opportunities

Once the investor completes the Unlimited Lifetime Personal Coaching, otherwise once the investor can locate a motivated seller and successfully have that seller sign an acquisition contract on their own, the investor is eligible to form a Partnership with the Investment Company.

At this time, the principals of the Company will sit down with the investor and discuss the specific terms of partnership. If both sides are agreement, then the investor and the company would mutually incorporate a limited liability company (or “LLC”) under the laws of the State of Texas with joint ownership.

All future properties that are acquired by the investor will be the property of that specific limited liability company. The Company will be responsible for performing the due diligence, pricing he property, marketing the property, showing the property, negotiating the sales contract, qualifying the buyer, closing both the acquisition and sales side the transaction, and setting up the loan servicing for the property.

The company will then manage all aspects of the property for the term of the sales mortgage loan; including but not limited to homeowner’s hazard insurance, property taxes, the escrow account, managing the loan servicer, and tax reporting.


There will be two levels of partnerships. The first level of partnership applies to the first twenty (20) houses acquired into the LLC, and the investor would receive sixty percent (60%) of all net cash flows, from the down payment to every month payment.

The second level of partnership, applying to all properties from the twenty-first (21) property acquired by the LLC and afterwards, the investor would receive eighty percent (80%) of all net cash flows, from the down payment to every month payment.


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