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Accelerate you succes

We understand that is anyone truly wanted to learn how to become a real estate investor using the owner financing strategy, they most likely have the ability to learn how to do this on their own.

It would take time, perhaps several years. It would take money, trying this approach and that until you finally come upon that yields the results you desire. It could easily even more money, since instead of making money you may lose money on deals that otherwise might have earned you a great deal of money.  It would take extreme dedication and patience, since trying anything new on a trial basis will result is far more failure than successes for an extended period of time. It will take someone that is willing to be disappointed, frustrated, upset, and still keep working at in the face of repeated failure until they gained the knowledge, the wisdom, and learned the craft required to become successful.

In the meantime, how many opportunities to earn a substantial amount of money would be lost?

We are offering you the opportunity to greatly accelerator that learning curve. We are offering you to jump ahead three, five, possible ten years of your life, to jump ahead of the learning curve. We are offering to teach you how to become successful in a far shorter period of time than attempting to learn this yourself.

And in doing so, you will greatly accelerate your success. For every deal that you otherwise would have been able to convert with our training, because you did not due to your lack of knowledge, wisdom, and the craft, you could literally be throwing tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars away in lost opportunity cost.

Accelerate your learning. Accelerate your success. Jump in that time machine, and let us help you start seeing success in months instead of years, or more.

Why is the Investor Accelerator Training different than all the others?

We feel that our training is unique, possibly the one of its kind in the market for two remarkable reasons.

One, we designed this training to do everything possible to ensure that you will be successful. It seems as though most real estate education programs are designed to separate you from your money and the rest of is on you. They give you enough material and teaching, all high-level academic conceptual material, to feel that you need this to become a real estate investor. But then once you sign up and pay the tens of thousands, even more in some cases, you are left on your own to learn how to apply these ideas. You are left alone to go out on deals. You are left alone to take all the time and monetary risks while you are learning. Yes, they may offer coaching, but that is a coach from Chicago on the phone with twenty other students from all other the country trying to talk to you about the Dallas markets (when they do not know the difference between Oak Cliff and Highland Park, of between Southlake to Southside).

Once they have your money, all the responsibility to learn how to become a successful real estate investor is your responsibility alone. You are forced to learn it alone. You are required to provide all the funding. You are required to take all the risk. You are put in the position to accept all the loses from decisions perhaps you should not have taken, but did not know better.

That does not happen with the Investor Accelerator Training. Owner Finance Academy has built this training to ensure that you are successful, as long as you get off the coach and put in the effort. We designed this training to provide you exactly what we feel was needed for us to become successful when we first got started. We have since tested these components with hundreds of students, and they all concur, with this level of support there is no reason for you not to be successful as long as you are willing to get off the couch and work at it.

Boot Camps

We teach you the fundamentals in our Boot Camps. We use hands-on exercises on recently closed live deals. You learn to do what the investors do in real life in the class room. You have access to the trainers, to ask any and all questions you may have.

Introductory Subscription to Realeflow

Then we provide a three-month free subscription to Realeflow™. This is one of the best real estate software packages available in the market. It has great tools to help you organize your files (drop and drag) as well as an extremely wide range of effective marketing tools.

Advanced Video Library

We follow that up with the most extensive advanced video library on the market. Instead of all high-level academic information, these videos cover every aspect of what an investor encounters in real life investing, and how to handle each situation that you might encounter the right way.

Unlimited Lifetime Personal Coaching

If that was not enough, we add in having one our experienced investors provide you with unlimited lifetime personal coaching, where our experienced investor will go out and complete your training at the kitchen table doing real live deals. We do most of our actual investing at the kitchen table, and there is just no better place to learn the craft of this business then at the kitchen table. While we are coaching you, we will accept all the risks for the deals, you cannot lose money on any deal we work on while we are coaching you. Furthermore, we will also fund all the deals, so you will be not required to provide any of your personal cash or credit to any of the deals while we are coaching you. And finally, if that were not enough, we will actually pay you while we are training you.

Path To Partnership

And then we complete our offer set with the fastest path to true partnership we know about. Once you are able to find a lead, write the contract, and have the seller sign it while understand what they are agreeing to, then you are eligible to become a partner with the Investment Company. Once you are a partner, then all the is required of you is to obtain a signed acquisition contract to the Investment Company, they will do all the rest of the work for the next 30-years, and we will pay you the majority of the cash flow for the entire time of the mortgage note (generally 30-years).

The second reason the Investor Accelerator Training is completely different than all the other offers in the market is that our training teaches you real estate investing from a true investor perspective, it was written by a highly experienced investor, teaching you the basics, but most importantly, teaching you what happens in real life. We have worked diligently to provide you with a extensive knowledge of each and every situation you may encounter out in the market, with both what you are seeing and how to handle it the right way.

All of our teaching is aimed at what happens in real life, on real live deals, teaching you what it takes to be successful. Just like anyone graduating medical school is legally a doctor, but they have no idea what it takes to be a real doctor. So, their next step in their education is to become a resident, learn right alongside an experienced doctor working on life patients. The same holds true with real estate investor.

The only way to accelerate your real estate investing career is to learn on real live deals, learning alongside an experienced investor, learning what you are encountering and how to deal with it the correct way – so that everyone “wins.” We work hard to give you every possible chance to be highly successful quickly.

With your standard real estate education program, you get to watch hundreds of hours of high level academic videos (you could have bought that knowledge for $14.95 on Amazon in one of the real estate books), that leaves you with the high-level conceptual idea of what it takes to be a successful real estate investor, but not what happens in real life. A long history proves that this just does not work for the vast majority of students that take this approach.


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