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Products and Prices

We are offering the Investor Accelerator Training in several different ways, to ensure that we meet the requirements and or objectives of the investor.

We are offering the Training by the product (boot camp, advanced video library, etc.) or by the module (acquisition, sales, back-end processing). We are also offering bundles, in which the investor purchases all of one type of training, or all of the modules.

Here is a diagram of the high-level overview of the topics covered of the training and in which module they are included:

Acquisition Module

  • Real estate fundamentals
  • Owner finance fundamentals
  • Getting motivated sellers to call
  • Answering the phone
  • Evaluating the lead
  • Writing the contract and disclosures
  • Making the acquisition offer
  • Signing the acquisition contract
  • Collecting the necessary documents

Sales Module

  • Understanding underlying financing
  • Valuing the house
  • Who is our typical buyer?
  • Calculating the sales price
  • Setting the down payment
  • Setting the terms and conditions
  • Setting the monthly payment
  • Calculating the value of the deal
  • Making adjustments
  • Are repairs required?
  • Finding the buyers
  • How to talk to realtors
  • Answering the phone
  • Showing the house
  • Negotiating the deal
  • Signing the contract

Back-End Module

  • Decide when to close with seller
  • Acquisition pre-closing management
  • Acquisition closing
  • Remedies if seller does not close
  • Qualifying the buyer (RMLO)
  • Obtaining homeowners insurance
  • Sales pre-closing management
  • Preliminary Closing Disclosure Form
  • Sales closing
  • Remedies if buyer does not close
  • Residential Mortgage Loan Servicer
  • Managing underlying lien(s)
  • Managing forbearance lien(s)
  • Monthly management
  • Managing homeowner’s insurance
  • Managing property taxes
  • Homestead exemption
  • Managing escrow account
  • Buyer refinances or sells for cash
  • Buyer has financial challenges
  • If buyer does not pay
  • Foreclosure process
  • Eviction process
  • Bankruptcy Chapter 13
  • Bankruptcy Chapter 11
  • Bankruptcy Chapter 7
  • Homeowners hazard insurance claim

Investor Accelerator Training Pricing

Owner Financing in Real Life Pricing

Owner Finance Academy is offering a set of videos of our one-day course in which we discuss the high-level overview of real estate and owner financing. Then we work our way through five (5) different case studies reflecting the four (4) major acquisition strategies as part of owner financing. At the end of this course, the viewer will have a clear understanding of what owner financing is and whether or not they wish it is right for them to become a real estate investor that focuses using the owner financing strategy.

The price for these videos are a one-time fee of $297.


Products and Module Pricing

To give our clients the greatest flexibility so they can acquire the products and or modules they desire to help them become successful, we offering to sell the components of the Investor Accelerator Training by either the product and or by the module.

Here are the details behind the pricing of our Training:


Products Acquisition Sales Back-End All****
Boot Camp 4,985 2,985 2,985 9,895
Realeflow (3 months)** Incl.
Advanced Video Library 5,985 2,485 2,485 9,895
Personal Coaching*** Incl.
Path to Partnership*** Incl
Module pricing* 9,985 4,985 4,985 19,685

*Buying modules provides for a 9 – 10% discount from purchasing products separately.

**A 3-month free subscription to the Realeflow™ marketing software is included for those that purchase the Acquisition Boot Camp. When the investor renews the subscription at the completion of the 3-month, we are offering a discount on the monthly subscription fee.

***The Unlimited Lifetime Personal Coaching and the Path to Partnership are included without any additional charges (it is free) for those investors purchasing the Acquisition Module. The Personal Coaching and Path to Partnership are only being offered to the investors working in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas metroplex at this time.

****For those that purchase the complete Investor Accelerator Training package, Owner Finance Academy will furnish hotel accommodations for the evenings of the various Boot Camps at a local hotel. Furthermore, those investors will receive our VIP Treatment, including having a private dinner and one-on-one meeting time with the trainer(s).


There is also a monthly service charge for those purchasing the Advanced Video Library of $19.95 a month. This helps offset the cost of the management of the website and as well as offset the costs of the continual updates and upgrades, all of which the investor will be provided access.

Please see the details of each component in the tab Our Training for a complete description of the offering.



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