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Core Values

We operate this and all affiliate companies based on three core values”

Absolute Honesty and Integrity

We operate our business on absolute honesty and integrity. Honesty and integrity are like being pregnant, you either are or you are not. We operate with absolute honesty and integrity in everything we do, every day, all day, without exception. We work to provide total transparency in every transaction. We strive to always provide everyone with the full information about every transaction, so they can make a fully informed decision. We never hold anything back. We never hide any truth from anyone. We believe operating in absolute truth is the best practice in everything we do.

Every Transaction Has to be a “Win” For Every Party Involved

Every transaction has to a be a “win-win” for all parties involved, or we will not participate. Every single transaction without exception benefits everyone involved in the transaction and some that are not involved. All transactions benefit the seller, the buyer, the investor, the lender, and the less fortunate in our communities. We will never take advantage of anyone. We will never allow anyone to be taken advantage of by anyone else, if we have the power and or knowledge to prevent that as well. We will never allow anyone to be involved in any transaction unless we are sure that doing so in their best interest, regardless of the implications on our profitability. We will quickly walk away from any deal that does not serve the best interest of every person in the transaction, even if doing so costs us a great deal of money. You cannot buy integrity or self-respect, and ours is never for sale. We would rather be always doing the right thing and make a little bit less money, than ever do anything where everyone does not win.

Community Service

While we do not preach nor ask anyone else to believe that we do, the principals believe in putting God first in our lives. To acknowledge all the tremendous blessings in our lives, we donate the first ten percent (10%) of all profits of this company and all affiliate companies to community, to empower those less fortunate to create the life they love. To learn more, go to granttrevithickcharity.com

Customer Service

Our commitment is to ALWAYS provide UNREASONABLY EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE in every single transaction, every single day, without exceptions and without excuses.

If at any time you do not feel that we have reached or exceeded this commitment, please call the CEO and President of Owner Finance Academy at 972.740.0947 or email him at grant@OwnerFinanceAcademy.com. Even if the issue is with the President, let him know and he will address that as well.

You have our word that we will do everything in our power to correct any condition or situation that arises where we do not meet or exceed our commitment of unreasonable excellence to you.

We will ALWAYS strive to deliver this commitment, without excuses, without reasons, and do so every day in every transaction every time.

About Grant Trevithick

Chief Executive Officer

Grant Trevithick is first and foremost a real estate investor, primarily using the strategy and techniques called owner financing. He spends the vast majority of each day helping his clients solve their major life challenges related to real estate; buying houses from people that need to sell them but otherwise would not be able to do so, taking those same houses and selling them to great families that want to have their piece of the American dream but cannot obtain a traditional mortgage loan, helping investors build their careers and realize their dreams, and making significant contributions to the community through service and his financial contributions.

Grant has spent the better part of the last decade learning the craft of real estate investing using owner financing. He is now committed to sharing what he has learned with new and experienced investors, helping them jump ahead in their careers. He started his career investing almost $30,000 with a real estate education company only to discover all they cared about was parting him from his money. When he crafted his training, he vowed to not repeat the model – instead Grant has endeavored to create a training program that gives the investor the best possible chance of being outrageously successful.

Grant has extensive experience doing rehabs (fix-and flips), wholesaling, and buy and hold (rentals). After pursing several other strategies, Grant settled on owner financing mostly because this strategy allows everyone in the transaction to “win” (meet or exceed their objectives), including the investor (allowing them to earn multi-generational wealth) while focusing on being of service to others.

Prior to becoming an investor, Grant worked for 26 years in the corporate world, mostly in the high-tech field with companies such as AT&T and EDS. He retired in the early 2000’s to create the next phase in his life, which has turned into him being a real estate investor.

Grant is married to the love of his life, Mirna, and they share the joy of parenting a young child. They also share their home with their Golden Retriever, Shiloh, and a salt-water tank full of fish. Grant is also very involved in his local Church and in charities that primarily support abused women and children and provide food and shelter for the poor and the homeless.

About Brian Carlson


Brian Carlson, Vice-President of Owner Finance Academy, has an extensive history in real estate. He started out as a licensed realtor for ReMax early in his career, working both in the commercial and residential arenas in Connecticut. Brian moved to Texas over a decade ago and jumped into doing rehabs and owner financing. Today he has a real passion for helping people who want to learn real estate investing learn how to do it the right way, learn how to use real estate to help people solve their major life challenges, and how to earn multi-generational wealth.

Today Brian is one of the Trainers and Coaches with Owner Finance Academy, teaching new investors. Brian has been instrumental in helping build and launch Owner Finance Academy’s completely new paradigm in real estate investor training, one where we are actually deeply committed to each investors success.

Brian also served in the United States Navy and volunteers extensively with senior citizens. He strongly believes that giving back and helping others is one of the keys to living a powerful and fulfilled life.

About Gene Rife

Vice-President, Graduate and Partner Support

Gene knew from an early age he was going to be a teacher. However, after starting on that path he was encouraged to pursue a business career instead. After years in sales and management in the furniture industry he found a way back to his first choice as a trainer in retail sales in furniture. After almost 40 years in the industry he made the choice to move into Real Estate investment.

After a substantial investment with minimal success with a national investment company he found the Owner Finance Academy. After some quick successes on the acquisition side he moved to the sales side and was soon assisting in the management of that division on the company. It became clear that the core beliefs of the company were perfectly aligned with a place he could be proud to represent.

As the company has grown, Gene has found a way to get back to his roots. After taking every opportunity to “check the wiring” for both Owner Finance Academy and Homes he is now working in both sales and training for the companies. Directing the day to day interaction with Partnership Path participants and the “Deep Dive” training events for the academy has allowed him to share with others the value of the companies’ philosophy of “prosperity through helping others”.

Gene has been married to Jackie for 46 years and their 2 kids David and Justin have families in Texas and North Carolina. After spending most of their life working together in the furniture industry it makes sense that she is also on board here at the academy.

About Jackie Rife


Jackie Rife is a real estate investor and the sales manager for Owner Finance Homes.  She finds a lot of fulfillment in helping families in tough situations start a new chapter in their lives while helping other families get into the home of their dreams. She also works for Owner Finance Academy to empower women that they too can become successful real estate investors.

Jackie spent most of her adult career in retail sales in the home furnishings industry.  She truly loves helping people find what they are looking for to make their home complete.

Jackie also spent 9 years as a youth leader for her church working with high school students as they became strong Christian adults and working with them to give back to the community and with those less fortunate.

Jackie is a Michigan girl in a Texas world and holds very strong to her Michigan roots.  Family is very important to Jackie; she has been married to her high school sweetheart, Gene, for over 46 years.  They have 2 sons David, who lives in Texas and Justin, who lives in North Carolina and they have blessed them with 6 grandchildren.