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Owner Finance Orientation Training

Most real estate education companies are pure scams, their only purpose is to separate you from your money. Trying to learn this on your own or by watching online videos will cost you years of hard work and possibly major financial losses. But there is hope….

Grant Trevithick and his team at Owner Finance Academy have launched a highly innovative and completely unique program to teach both new and experienced real estate investors how to generate multi-generational wealth by putting clients first, while operating in complete honesty and integrity, using owner financing strategies. We will share our secrets of how we achieve success each and every day as investors.

Grant will talk to you about the key aspects of the traditional real estate industry any investor should know. He will show you how the most advantageous position to be in any transaction is to be the bank, and you can become the financier in the transaction without using your credit or your own cash. Grant will dive into showing how owner financing works to both solve our clients’ problems and at the same time earn us multi-decade income streams. Grant will share with you the legal aspects of these transactions, including the required regulatory and statutory disclosures. Grant will complete the video by sharing a case study of a recently closed transaction, showing not only how we earn our money but also how we help everyone involved in the transaction.

Grant Trevithick

Grant Trevithick is one of the most experienced real estate investors in the country, specializing in owner financing. Over the last decade, Grant has consistently demonstrated that you can become highly successful by putting helping others solve their major life challenges related to real estate first and foremost in your business. His continued dedication to always have his clients achieve success in every transaction has earned him both admiration and a deeply loyal client base.

Grant has applied this same principal to training both new and experienced investors in learning how to invest in real estate using owner financing. He and his team have launched a highly innovative and unique training program, all but ensuring your success as long as you follow the program.