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Introduction to the Modules

We wanted to offer both the new investor and the experienced investor the greatest amount of choices in purchasing our products and services. So, we are offering the Boot Camps individually and as a complete package. We are offering the Advanced Video Reference Libraries individually and as a complete package.

We also wanted to bundle the different products and services by function, breaking them down to the three major functions investors will learn and then perform as they pursue a career in real estate investor focusing on owner financing. Those three major functions are Acquisition (finding sellers and contracting to buy the properties), Sales (finding buyers and contracting to sell the properties), and Back-End Processing (managing the closing process and managing all aspects as a mortgage lender over the life cycle of the resulting mortgage.

We have bundled all the products and services associated with each of these functions into Modules and are offering to sell the bundle at a discount, versus purchasing each individually. We believe that those that are serious about investing using owner financing as a strategy will be best served by purchasing the Modules, learning each function thoroughly and then expanding their knowledge base and skill set by adding Modules as they are ready.

Our Modules



The VIP Package includes all the products included in our Acquisition Module, Sales Module, and Back-End Processing Module at a discounted price.