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Introductory Events hosted by Owner Finance Academy

While there is a certain amount of technical knowledge that is required to be an investor using owner financing, it also requires certain people skills in order to be successful. Just like medical school can teach the medical student the technical aspects of the human body, in order to truly understand what it takes to become a successful doctor the medical student needs to take the next step in their training.

Using the marketing techniques and strategies taught in the marketing section, the investor will generate a qualified lead from a seller. Using the information from the Seller Questionnaire as well as publicly available information on the property, the experienced coach will evaluate the potential deal and if it fits our criteria will then draft the contract and all required disclosures.

The experienced coach will then meet the investor at the seller’s house, where they will continue the next phase of the training. We believe the only way to learn how to do real estate investing correctly, without having to spend years and untold thousands of dollars on mistakes, is to learn to do the deals in real life.

What you will discover

Instead of only focusing on making money, you can focus on helping people

You do not need vast financial resources (perfect credit or a ton of cash) to get started

You can buy houses for free

And you can generate decades of passive cash flow from each house

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You are invited to attend our introductory events. In these events, we will introduce the new and experienced investor to the art of owner financing, clearly demonstrating why this is our strategy of choice. We love this strategy because everyone in the transactions “wins” while we are earning multi-generational wealth.

This is for you if

If you are motivated to take control of your life

If you are interested in running your own business

If you are a self-starter

If you really want to help other people, rather than just focusing on money

If you want to leverage your time and money the most effectively

If you are ready to learn and eager to get started