The Advanced Video Library for the Sales phase starts when the investor has either put the property under a purchase contract and or completed the acquisition closing.

The Video Library for Sales explains how to understand the underlying financial structure of the property, how to put a market value on the house, how to craft the price and terms of your offer, how to find your buyers, showing the house, negotiating the contract, and finally signing the sales contract.

Below is a list of the short training videos included in Advanced Video Library for the Sales phase. Owner Finance Academy reserves the rights to modify, change, delete, and add new short training videos in order to provide the best possible library for the investor.

Extensive Advanced Reference Video Library

  • Pricing & Terms
  • Finding the buyer
  • Negotiating

Total of 20 videos

Course Curriculum

2.01.0 Pricing & Terms
2.01.01 Understanding the underlying financial structure Details 00:00:00
2.01.02 Determining the fair market value Details 00:00:00
2.01.03 Setting the sales price Details 00:00:00
2.01.04 Determining the down payment Details 00:00:00
2.01.05 Determining the terms and conditions Details 00:00:00
2.01.06 Setting the monthly payment Details 00:00:00
2.01.07 Calculate the lifetime value of the deal Details 00:00:00
2.01.08 Making adjustments Details 00:00:00
2.01.09 Evaluating required repairs Details 00:00:00
2.02.0 Finding the buyer
2.02.01 Who is our typical buyer? Details 00:00:00
2.02.02 Finding the buyer Details 00:00:00
2.02.03 How to talk to the listing realtor Details 00:00:00
2.02.04 Benefits of homeownership versus renting Details 00:00:00
2.02.05 Pre-qualifying the potential buyer Details 00:00:00
2.02.06 Answering the basic questions Details 00:00:00
2.02.07 Show the house Details 00:00:00
2.02.08 If a realtor brings a potential buyer Details 00:00:00
2.03.0 Negotiating & Contracting
2.03.01 Explain the contract and the structure Details 00:00:00
2.03.02 carefully explain the transaction Details 00:00:00
2.03.03 Writing the contract and disclosures Details 00:00:00
2.03.04 Signing the sales contract Details 00:00:00
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