The Advanced Video Library for the Back-end processing starts immediately after the acquisition contract is signed and before the acquisition closing. We then describe in detail the process of building your team, the underlying financing of the transaction, factors on when to decide to close, managing the acquisition pre-closing activity, managing the acquisition closing, and then what are your options if the seller does not close.

We pick up again after the sales contract is signed, with qualifying the buyer with the Residential Mortgage Loan Originator, helping the buyer obtain the homeowner’s hazard insurance, managing the sales pre-closing activities, the preliminary Closing Disclosure Form, the sales closing, the remedies if the buyer does not close, the Residential Mortgage Loan Servicer, setting up the management of the underlying liens, and how to manage the forbearance liens (if required).

Finally, we discuss the requirements to manage the back-end processing of the underlying lien, the homeowner’s hazard insurance, the ad valorem taxes, the homestead exemption, the escrow account, handing refinancing and cash sales, and managing the process if the buyer has challenges paying their mortgages.

Below is a list of the short training videos included in Advanced Video Library for the Back-end Processing phase. Owner Finance Academy reserves the rights to modify, change, delete, and add new short training videos in order to provide the best possible library for the investor.

Extensive Advanced Reference Video Library

  • Before You Begin (2 videos)
  • Financing options (3 videos)
  • Acquisition closing (4 videos)
  • Sales closing (9 videos)
  • Ongoing management (14 videos)

Total of 32 videos

Course Curriculum

Before You Begin (2 videos)
Team members 00:00:00
Real estate attorney / title-company 00:00:00
Financing options (3 videos)
Subject-to and or wrap mortgages 00:00:00
Private money 00:00:00
Institutional financing 00:00:00
Acquisition closing (4 videos)
Factors to decide when to close 00:00:00
Managing the acquisition pre-closing activities 00:00:00
Managing the acquisition closing process 00:00:00
what are the remedies if the seller does not close? 00:00:00
Sales closing (9 videos)
Residential Mortgage Loan Originator 00:00:00
Helping buyer obtain homeowner’s hazard insurance 00:00:00
Managing the sales pre-closing process 00:00:00
Preliminary Closing Disclosure Form 00:00:00
Managing the sales closing process 00:00:00
Remedies if the buyer does not close 00:00:00
Residential Mortgage Loan Servicer 00:00:00
Setting up managing the underlying liens 00:00:00
Managing forbearance liens (if required) 00:00:00
Ongoing management (14 videos)
Monthly management of underlying liens 00:00:00
Managing homeowner’s hazard insurance policies 00:00:00
Ad valorem (property) taxes 00:00:00
Homestead exemption 00:00:00
Escrow account 00:00:00
Buyer is refinancing or selling for cash 00:00:00
Buyer has financial challenges 00:00:00
If buyer does not / cannot pay 00:00:00
Foreclosure process 00:00:00
Eviction process 00:00:00
Bankruptcy Chapter 13 00:00:00
Bankruptcy Chapter 11 00:00:00
Bankruptcy Chapter 7 00:00:00
Homeowner’s insurance claims 00:00:00

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