In the Boot Camp for the Acquisition Module, we learned the basics of real estate and owner financing. We also learned how to get motivated sellers to call us, how to evaluate those leads, how to make the offer, and finally to get the contract and disclosures signed.

The Boot Camp for Sales module picks up from having the acquisition purchase contract and collecting the requisite documentation from the homeowners.

In this Boot Camp, we pick using the same property examples that we used in the Acquisition Module Boot Camp to perform the evaluation and contract. We take these examples and teach how to take them from having a signed acquisition contract, to determining the pricing, crafting the offer, through the marketing, showing the house, negotiating the terms and conditions, and finally signing the sales contract and disclosures.

The course is a mixture of some lecture and mostly hands-on application exercises using the same properties with which the student is familiar. The hands-on application exercises will be conducted in several teams, working on real live transactions that we have recently closed.

At the conclusion of the course, the student shall have knowledge and confidence to begin evaluating recently acquiring properties, marking them for sale, and contracting with the end=end buyer.


  • team members.
  • title-attorney / title-company
  • corporate structures
  • factors to consider when to close,
  • acquisition using cash purchases using borrowed money,
  • acquisition using private money,
  • acquisition using institutional financing,
  • acquisition using seller financing,
  • acquisition using subject-to,
  • acquisition using wrap-mortgage,
  • acquisition using land trusts,
  • acquisition pre-closing management,
  • acquisition closing,
  • what are your remedies if your seller chooses not to close,
  • sales using wrap-mortgage,
  • sales using land-trust,
  • sales pre-closing management,
  • preliminary Closing Disclosure Form,
  • sales-closing
  • Residential Mortgage Loan Servicer,
  • setting up management of underlying lienholder account,
  • managing underlying forbearance liens,
  • monthly management,
  • management of homeowner’s hazard insurance policies,
  • ad valorem (property) taxes,
  • homestead exemption,
  • escrow account,
  • buyer refinance or sell the property for cash,
  • buyer has financial challenge,
  • if the buyer does not pay,
  • foreclosure process,
  • eviction process,
  • bankruptcy filing,
  • homeowner’s hazard insurance claim
  • helping seller obtain a new loan

We reserve the right to alter the curriculum and or to change the scheduling and timing of the topics in order to continue to improve the experience for the investor.


Course Curriculum

Before your begin Details 00:00:00
- building your team - real estate attorney / title-company
Financing options Details 00:00:00
- subject-to and or wrap mortgages, - private money, - institutional financing.
Acquisition closing Details 00:00:00
- factors to decide when to close, - managing the acquisition pre-closing activities, - managing the acquisition closing process, - what are the remedies if the seller does not close?
Sales closing Details 00:00:00
- Residential Mortgage Loan Originator, - helping buyer obtain homeowner's hazard insurance, - managing the sales pre-closing process, - preliminary Closing Disclosure Form, - managing the sales closing process, - remedies if the buyer does not close, - Residential Mortgage Loan Servicer, - setting up managing the underlying liens, - managing forbearance liens (if required).
Ongoing management Details 00:00:00
- monthly management of underlying liens, - managing homeowner’s hazard insurance policies, - ad valorem (property) taxes, - homestead exemption, - escrow account, - buyer is refinancing or selling for cash, - buyer has financial challenges, - if buyer does not / cannot pay, - foreclosure process, - eviction process, - bankruptcy Chapter 13, - bankruptcy Chapter 11, - bankruptcy Chapter 7, - homeowner’s insurance claims - helping the seller obtain a new mortgage loan
  • 2 Days
  • 30 SEATS
  • 2018-03-29
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