The first steps on our path to become a real estate investor starts with the Acquisition Boot Camp. We start by teaching the fundamentals of real estate, then the fundamentals of owners financing. Once we have a solid understanding of what we are working to accomplish and how, we will move on to learn how to have motivated sellers start calling you.

We will teach you our Targeting Marketing Strategy. Most of the real estate education companies will teach you how to perform Blanket Marketing, which is very time consuming and expensive. The average cost spent on marketing for every house they buy is between $4,000 – $6,000. Target your marketing efforts at those folks that have the problems we are prepared to solve yields a much higher number of leads at a far less time consuming and far less expensive effort. Our investors have reported they spend between $100 – $300 in marketing for every house they buy.

Furthermore, you will learn many highly innovative places to find motivated sellers. We try to avoid competing against every other investor in our markets, instead we look for those motivated sellers no one else knows about.

We then move to hands-on application oriented portion of our training. Once the motivated sellers understand that you can solve their problem(s), they will pick up the phone and call you. Your next step is answer the phone. We will spend time learning how to make a powerful first impression and gather the three key pieces of information that helps us create the best offer for our clients. We will conduct numerous mock phone calls, until the investor is comfortable and ready to answer the phone and start helping their clients.

Then we break into four teams. Each team will be given the same information that our experienced investors have when we evaluate and analyze our deals. The instructor will show our investors how to perform the evaluation of the leads and how to craft the transaction that will both solve our seller’s problems while earning the most money for the investor. Then each team will take a recently closed property and the documents for that property and perform the same evaluation and analysis. One they are finished, they will present the results of their evaluation to the entire group, where we will discuss their conclusion.

We will show the investor how to write the contract and complete the disclosures. Afterwards, everyone gets back into their teams and write a contract and disclosures for their property. These will be reviewed and discussed, so that everyone can learn from each other’s experience.

Finally, we will show the investors how to make the offers so that the sellers clearly understand not only what our offer entails, but most importantly, how our offer solves the problems that caused them to call us.


  • fundamentals of real estate,
  • fundamentals of owner financing,
  • perform the marketing to have motivated sellers call you,
  • how to answer the phone and engage the seller confidently, able to collect the important pieces of information that we are needed to craft the best offer for the seller
  • perform the evaluation and analysis of the lead, to both best solve the seller’s problems and maximize our profitability,
  • how to write the contract and disclosures, and
  • how to make the offer to seller so they understand the details of the offer, as well as how the offer solves the problems that caused them to call the investor.


We reserve the right to alter the curriculum and or to change the scheduling and timing of the topics in order to continue to improve the experience for the investor.


This Boot Camp Includes



Acquisition Video Library

$5,985.00 with a monthly fee of $19.95, starting after 60-days.

Acquisition Module

$9,985.00 with a monthly fee of $19.95, starting after 60-days.

Course Curriculum

Real Estate Fundamentals Details 00:00:00
- This is a house,
- The basic real estate documents,
- How real estate agents work,
- The 70-step process of a traditional cash sale transaction,>
- The function of the real estate professionals (inspectors, appraiser, mortgage lenders, escrow agents),
- How a title company processes the closing,
- The basics of mortgages,
- The foreclosure process, and
- Reverse mortgages
Owner Finance Fundamentals Details 00:00:00
- The legal basis,
- The number one wealth building principle,
Owner Finance Fundamentals (continued) Details 00:00:00
- The seven strategies of owner financing (the pros and cons and legal considerations of each),
- The typical owner finance sales transaction process,
- Why and how owner financing works,
- Case studies that highlight the main acquisition strategies, - The statutes and regulations covering these transactions, and then finally - The back end-processes required.
Getting the Motivated Sellers to Call You Details 00:00:00
- Find people who have challenges,
- How to let them know we can solve their problems,
- At least 76 innovative ways to locate motivated sellers
- At least 45 innovative ways how to effectively communicate with them,
- How to calculate the budget required to implement the strategy,
- How to answer the phone and talk to the prospective seller,
- How to ask the three key questions to discover everything you need to know about the deal, and - How to make the appointment to buy the property.
Evaluate and Contracting Details 00:00:00
- The documents we use for the lead evaluation,
- Lead evaluation
Evaluate and Contracting (continued) Details 00:00:00
- How to write the contract and disclosures
- How to set the table with the homeowner to put your offer in the best light, and
- The art of making the offer in such a manner the seller feels genuine gratitude for you solve their problem.
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