What Our Boot Camps Offer You

Our Boot Camps are designed to give the new investor the foundation of knowledge they need to understand real estate, to prepare them to become investors. We teach you the fundamentals so that you understand what you are doing and why.

We then move to our hands-on application training. During this phase, you will be taught and then asked to perform the very tasks you will be perform as investors. You will break into teams and solve the same problems that we have encountered in real life deals that we closed recently. Once you complete the tasks, your team will present your results to your classmates where we will all discuss your approach and your solution so that the entire class may learn from your experience.

We believe that best way to learn to be an investor is to start doing the same work as any investor encounters every day. This prepares you for what you will encounter once you start your investing.

We offer Boot Camps that cover the Acquisition, the Sales, and the Back-End Processing phase of owner financing transactions.


Our Boot Camps Assortment



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