Owner Finance Academy is offering a unique opportunity for you to forever and dramatically change the direction of your life. Your dreams are just a sign-up away.


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Learn and Work alongside the most experienced, top investors that specialize in owner financing.

We will teach everything you need to know in order to become successful. Instead of teaching the same old academic stuff everyone is pushing, we teach you what you need to know to be successful at the kitchen table (which is where we do most of our work).

Learn how to buy houses using little or no cash and with no credit.

That is right, you will learn how to find motivated sellers who will call you asking you to buy their house. You can buy these houses for free, without using cash or credit. Then you can sell them and earn up to and over 150% profit on every house.

Learn how to help people solve their major problems with their house.

There are allot of people that need to sell their houses but cannot do so, because either they owe too much money on their mortgage and or the condition of their house will never pass inspection. We are the only investors that can solve these problems for our sellers, giving them the freedom to start a life without the burden they have been carrying around.

Feel secure knowing you are completely supported every step of the way.

We will hold your hand while you are learning the basics, while you are getting motivated sellers to call you, and teaching you to make the offer to the seller at their kitchen table. Our experienced investors actually go out with you and show you how to make the offer directly to the seller – there is nothing like seeing what happens in real life to learn first-hand.
We have built a extensive support system to ensure your success. As long as you apply your best efforts and follow our processes, it will be almost impossible for you not to succeed as an investor.

This is why our training is one of a kind

Unlike all other programs that offer you high-level academic videos, our entire program is designed to teach you exactly what you will encounter while you are investing in the real world. We then wrap multiple layers of support around you, so that we can hold your hand literally every step while you are learning how to be outrageously successful. With our local presence, you can always set up an appointment to come by the office and talk to one of our investorsfor that one on one training that is almost impossible to get everywhere else.

We are offering both graduate courses, so you can connect with past graduates and learn from them, as well as deep dives on specific topics to help you get as much depth of knowledge as you need. Once you get a motivated seller, our highly experienced investors will go out to the house with you and show you how to make the offer in real life. And we are here until you learn to be successful.

What is included?

With our training, you will quickly see that we are fully committed to your success.

Advanced Video Library

You will have access to almost 300 short training videos, each one lasts 3 to 15 minutes long, covering every aspect of acquiring residential real estate using owner financing. These videos are not your old tired academic videos, these are all designed to teach you what you will encounter as an investor in the field.

Value: $9,985

Boot Camp

During these three intense days, you will receive the most extensive hands-on marketing training available anywhere in the marketplace. We will show you almost 100 places to find motivated sellers. We will show you what messaging is most effective in reaching these sellers, almost 50 methods to communicate with sellers, and finally how to calculate your monthly budget. We will complete the first day with doing hands-on exercises on designing the marketing strategies you will use once you start that next Monday. We will also give you a taste of the lead generation software we provide for you.

The second day is spent learning how to answer the phone and get the three specific pieces of information we are seeking from each motivated seller. We will conduct numerous mock phone calls and cover many scenarios so that the student feels comfortable when their phone rings. We finish the second day with learning how to qualify the leads we receive.

The third day is spent doing application-oriented exercises on deals we recently completed to learn how to evaluate the leads, learn what to offer the seller, and how to make the offer.

The Boot Camp is mostly hand-on training, using recently closed deals, so that the student will quickly learn what real life investing is like.

Value: $14,985

Lead Generation Program

We are offering our clients access to one of the top lead generation platforms available at up to 80% discount off normal prices. This lead generation platform allows you to qualify your leads in many different manners, choosing that match your criteria, and then allows you to contact the seller directly through many different mediums.

Value: $2,000

Deep Dive Classes

Several times each month, you will be able to attend our Deep Dive courses. In these classes, we take a subject our investors are interested in (that is right, you give us the input on what you need to learn for you to be successful), and we will take that subject and dive deep into that topic. Topics include Developing a Marketing Plan, Performing Due Diligence, Real Flow Basics, Real Flow Advanced, Valuing Properties, Structuring Your Offer, Being Creative with the Deal, etc.

Value: $12,985

Graduate Events

Every couple of months, we gather all our graduates together and discuss what is working and what is not working. Based on your suggestions, we will talk about a specific topic that is of interest to most of the group. This is a great time to network with other investors, learn from our successful investors and Partners, and become more involved with our team.

Value: $3,985

Executive Life Coaching

You will have access to three months of Life Coaching with one of the top Executive Coaches in the country. One that regularly coaches executives from some of the world’s largest companies. During your time with the life coach, the coach will help you understand what your barriers are preventing you from being your most successful self, in all aspects of life. The coach will then work with you to create and implement a plan for you to overcome these barriers, and soon you will see success in all aspects of your life you thought was possible.

Value: $1,498

Contracts & Disclosures

You will have access to purchase contracts and all disclosures for all four transaction types: cash (institutional or private money), seller finance, subject-to, and wrap-mortgages. Each contract and set of disclosures will ensure that you fully communicate all the regulatory and statutory requirements to the seller, protecting both of you, and ensuring the decision to move forward is made with the seller being fully informed. These purchase contracts and disclosures are not offered anywhere else in the marketplace.

Value: $14,985

Personal One-on-One Coaching

Once you get a motivated seller to call you, you will not have any idea what to do. Simply send that lead to your highly experienced Coach, who will then perform the due diligence, write the contract, and meet you at the seller’s house. The Coach will make the offer to the seller while you watch and learn. Once you are comfortable making the offering yourself, then do so, while the Coach accompanies you to help smooth over any mistakes (yes, we expect you to make them) or remind you of anything you may have forgotten. Once you feel comfortable getting the lead and making offer, where the seller signs the contract and understands what they are signing, then you are ready for the next step. During the entire time we are coaching you, we provide any funds that might be required for the detail, we cover all the risks (you have zero risk while you are learning), and we pay you while we train you.


Total Value: At Least $100,000

In order to make this more accessible to more people, we are offering it today at:

Today only: $100,000   $ 15,000



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Check Out How Many People Are Having Great Success Using Owner Financing.

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What you will learn at Owner Finance Academy

Plain and simple: you will learn how to help people overcome their situations with their house (getting divorced, lost job, relocating, frustrated landlord, financial difficulties) while earning multi-generational wealth.

We are offering to share the “secrets” that we have used to accumulate tens of millions of dollars in future cash while buying houses for free and selling them with owner financing. We will show you what being an investor is really like, in real life, not in some classroom.

vacationBeing a Real Estate Investor is Great

After over 26 years in the corporate world, where I was told when I had to show up for work, how long I had for lunch, how many days I had for vacation, and what I should be working on, I escaped. I was sick and tired of the politics, someone always looking over your shoulder, and working like a dog to make someone else rich.

Over the last decade, I have learned to become one of the most highly successful real estate investors in the country. Today, I decide when I get to work each morning, how long I want to work. I choose when I want to take vacation and for how long. If I want to take my wife to a movie on Thursday afternoon merely because it is Thursday afternoon, and I am making myself rich instead of someone else.

The model that I learned to use over the last decade, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and wasting countless hours trying things that failed, I have learned what it takes to make the most amount of money spending the least amount of time, and without using my cash or my credit for investing.

I have made my greatest dreams come true, far beyond what I thought was possible when I first started this journey. Now, I want to share this with you.

My greatest job is making other people’s dreams come true, to see them become millionaires, all the while helping people along the way.

This is for you if you….

If you have never bought a house before…

You know what a house is, we can teach everything else that you need to know to become outrageously successful. We will wrap you in support until you are ready to take the training wheels off and begin soaring on your own.

If you are just as interested in helping other people as enriching yourself …

We teach the only strategy where everyone in the transaction wins. We help sellers who are trapped in their houses get out and or we help get the most from their equity. We help the buyers that want to own their piece of the American Dream but cannot get a traditional mortgage. We help the lenders get paid back on a timely basis and paid in full. We help the neighborhood and community when our buyers move in and improve the value of the houses. We help the investors by paying them for every lead (while we are coaching them), and then share the profits while we are partners. We also donate the first ten percent (10%) of the profit to charity to help those less fortunate. So, with every house we have the opportunity to help allot of people, while we are using the most profitable investing strategy available.

If you have already spent money with one or more Real Estate Education companies…

The fact that you have already spent money and you are now reading this means that you are not satisfied with the level of training and support. Well, you have now come to the right place. Just wish you had found us first. And we will do everything in our power to show you that we deserve your investment, both in terms of money and time. We will make sure that you feel you have received far more than the money we ask in terms of value of our training and the hands-on support we provide.

If you are already investing, using other strategies…

We hope that you are earning a living while using the other strategies. However, we will show you how to earn a three-decade long cash flow from every house. We will show you how to use the most profitable strategy available. We will show you how to use base of knowledge you are employing today and build on it to make yourself far more successful than you are today.


Now only for $15,000!

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