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What Our Advanced Video Library Offer You

It is impossible to convey everything there is to know about owner financing in a classroom setting. No one would have the patience to sit in a classroom and even if they did, I am not sure that the human mind has the capacity to remember all the nuances of owner financing. So we created the Advanced Video Library.

The Advanced Video Library is your reference library. The Video Library is comprised of short training films between 3 and 9 minutes long. We have tried to identify and film a short training film for every situation, every term, and every consideration that we encounter investing every day.

If you encounter anything you are not familiar with, then come to the Advanced Video Library and look up the video that covers that topic. The short training film will explain the topic and explain how to manage that situation the right way.

The Advanced Video Library is also designed to be a great training tool. These short training films will take the material covered in the Boot Camps and expand your knowledge. The short training films allow the dedicated investor to take whatever time they have at that moment and expand their knowledge about owner financing.

We offer Advanced Video Library that covers the Acquisition, the Sales, and the Back-end Processing phase of owner finance transactions.


Our Advanced Video Library Assortment



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