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Owner Finance Academy is working on developing the content for four modules:

The Acquisition Module – teaching investors how to acquire houses using owner financing,

The Sales Module – teaching investors how to sell houses using owner financing,

The Back-End Processing Module – teaching investors how to manage all the facets of the back-end, and

The Realtor Module – teaching realtors how to perform owner financing transactions.


We have built offers that fit every level of investor; from the expert to the beginner

We are proud to announce the launch of our Acquisition Module in April 2017.

Acquisition Module

The various components of our offers are the following: our Owner Finance Academy Boot Camp, our Unlimited Lifetime Coaching, our Training Videos, our Bi-Monthly Webinars, and our Free subscription to Realeflow (depending on which package your choose to purchase).
Here are the descriptions of each of the components:


During this two day course, two of the top experts in the country will teach you the basics of real estate, the basics of owner financing, how to get motivated sellers to call you through our marketing techniques, how to talk to the seller on the phone, how to evaluate the prospective lead, and then finally how to make the offer to the seller.  Here is a list of the topics we normally cover during our Boot Camp:

Real Estate Basics:

* this is a house,
* the basic real estate documents,
* how real estate agents work,
* the 70-step process of a traditional cash sale transaction,
* the function of the real estate professionals (inspectors, appraiser, mortgage lenders, escrow agents),
* how a title company processes the closing,
* the basics of mortgages,
* the foreclosure process, and
* reverse mortgages.

Owner Finance Basics:

* the legal basis,
* the number one wealth building principle,
* the seven strategies of owner financing (the pros and cons and legal considerations of each),
* the typical owner finance sales transaction process,
* why and how owner financing works,
* case studies that highlight the main acquisition strategies,
* the statutes and regulations covering these transactions, and then finally
* the back end-processes required.


* find people who have challenges,
* how to let them know we can solve their problems,
* at least 72 innovative ways to locate those particular folks,
* at least 45 innovative ways how to effectively communicate with them,
* how to calculate the budget required to implement the strategy,
* how to answer the phone and talk to the prospective buyer,
* how to ask the three key questions to discover everything you need to know about the deal, and
* how to make the appointment to buy their property.

Evaluate & Contract:

* how to perform the evaluation of each property,
* how to set the table with the homeowner to put your offer in the best light, and
* the art of making the offer in such a manner that the seller generally feels deep gratitude for you solving their problem.


We also offer Unlimited Personal Coaching, where the expert coach will continue to the training of the investor at the kitchen table during real life deals. Using the marketing techniques and strategies taught in the marketing section, the investor will generate a qualified lead from a seller. Using the information from the Seller Questionnaire as well as publicly available information on the property, the experienced coach will evaluate the potential deal and if it firs our criteria will then draft the contract and all required disclosures. The experienced coach will then meet the investor at the seller’s house, where they will continue the next phase of the training.

We believe the only way to learn how to do real estate investing correctly, without having to spend years and untold thousands of dollars on mistakes, is to learn doing the deals in real life. We take our training to the seller’s kitchen table, where we show you how to connect with the seller, discuss the valuation of their home and the options available to the seller, and finally how to make and explain our offer to the seller. When the seller agrees to our offer, we explain all the benefits and risks of our offer, and then proceed explaining the contract and required disclosures.

Our Owner Finance Academy coaches will go out on an unlimited number of transactions until the investor feels comfortable in making the offer alone.

While we are available for the occasional question, we expect the investor to learn the necessary information either during the Owner Finance Academy Boot Camp or by viewing the relevant short training videos. The unlimited personal coaching refers to the number of leads and transactions the coaches will accompany the investor on as part of their training. The unlimited description does not refer to the coaches doing the work of marketing or securing leads.

This Unlimited Lifetime Coaching portion of the training is only available in the State of Texas at this time.


To give you the opportunity to have a reference library in videos at your hand at all times, we have recorded over 80 videos on the various subjects covering the acquisition phase of the transaction. Here are the list of the topics that we cover:

Owner Finance Overview:

* why this is the best strategy to use today,
* how we use owner financing to help many people through the course of each transaction,
* explain what is owner financing and why it works today
* why we use the owner finance strategy today,
* why owner financing is our core strategy, and
*  owner finance fundamentals.

Number One Wealth Building Principle:

*  harness the tremendous earnings power of interest over time,
* control massive amounts of assets by leveraging OPM (other people’s money) and OPC (other people’s credit),
* secure your investments by mortgages backed by real estate,
* how to find OPM,
* why would people want to lend you money?
* how to find OPC.

Real Estate Basics:

* explain the legal systems that cover these transactions,
* types of properties (personal versus real property),
* the basic real estate documents (statute of frauds, purchase contract and addenda, warranty deeds, encumbrances, promissory notes, and the homestead exemption),
* debunk the common myth that the bank owns any house that has a mortgage against it,
* mineral rights,
* community property,
* common law marriage,
* executory contracts,
* the legal description,
* the role and function of the real estate professionals (realtors, inspectors, appraisers, escrow agents),
* the role of the realtor,
* answer if you have to be a realtor to invest in real estate,
* the 70-step process of a traditional cash sale transaction,
* how a title company processes the closing,
* the fees associated with a traditional cash sale transaction,
* the role and function of the mortgage lender,
* what happens if you do not pay your mortgage?
* the foreclosure process, and
* reverse mortgages.

Owner Finance Basics:

* what is owner financing?
* the legal basis for owner financing,
* the seven strategies of owner financing (the pros and cons and legal considerations of each),
* types of acquisition owner finance transactions,
* typical owner finance sales process,
* why does owner financing work?
* benefits to the seller,
* protection to the seller,
* benefits to the investor,
* statutes, regulations, and legal considerations, and
* back-end considerations.


* what is marketing?
* the five fundamental pieces of a marketing strategy
* who are the people that have problem?
* what should we say to let them know we can solve their problem?
* what are 72 of the highly innovative ideas on finding these potential sellers?
* what are 45 innovative ideas on how to communicate to them?
*  how do we calculate our budget to get the motivated sellers to call us?
*  how to talk to a realtor, and
*  how to talk to a rehabber and or wholesaler.

How to Talk to the Seller:

* talking to the potential seller on the phone for the first time,
* lead evaluation,
* talking to the seller at the kitchen table,
* how the offer solves the seller’s problems,
* what we need to disclosure to the seller,
* the due on sale clause and how to explain it, and
* the documents and information do you need from the seller.

Anticipated Questions and Objections (and their responses):

* the closing,
* the due-on-sale clause,
* the foreclosure process and considerations,
* the homeowner’s hazard insurance,
* the Federal income tax considerations,
* the mortgage company and mortgage loan,
* other offers from other investors,
*  the ownership,
*  the realtors,
*  making repairs,
*  selling the property,
*  the utilities, and
*  other miscellaneous questions.

Structuring the Transaction:

* owner finance acquisition strategies (cash, seller financing, subject-to, wrap-around mortgage, land trusts),
* considerations for structuring the transaction,
* how to structure the transactions, and
* contract and disclosure preparation

Ask the Attorney:

* legal basis for owner financing,
* the due-on-sale clause,
* how closing costs are handled,
* mechanisms for an investor to use owner financing,
* is contracting to purchase or assigning a property as an investor acting as a realtor or representing the seller in any manner?
* how the seller is protected,
* how the investor is protected,
* how the investor protects themselves, and
* the legal requirements when an underlying lien is present.

What it takes to be a successful real estate investor:

* clear understanding of your why,
* strong desire to help people,
* desire to always learn more and improve your trade,
* willingness to live life without excuses, and
* Whatever It Takes.


We are offering a three (3) month Free Trial Subscription to Realeflow™, which is a all in one tool to automate your real estate investing business. Part of Realeflow is Leadflow, includes powerful marketing engines such as LeadPipes, which includes LeadPipes, Contacts, Properties, Analyze, Manage, and Communicate.

LeadPipes is an interactive database containing millions of potential leads from Absentee Owners, Bankruptcies, Free & Clear Properties, High Equity Properties, Low Equity Properties, Probates, Renters, Properties with Tax Liens, and Upside Down Properties. With each type of leads, you can market to the leads from your desktop through direct mailing from your desk. LeadPipes includes being able to easily build your own websites with autoresponders and an entire library of proven marketing collateral such as letters, postcards, and sample emails. There are additional charges for the investor to use the direct mail. Please contact Realeflow directly for the specifics of these charges and to arrange for payment.

The Contacts section allows you to easily collect and manage all the pertinent data regarding your leads.

The Properties section gives you a powerful tool to manage the properties you are working on. It allows you to drop-and-drag documents or emails to each property so that you can find what you are looking for in an instant. You can collect all the important information for each property, allowing the investor to greatly increase their productivity. This section provides the public information on each property, which saves you many hours by avoiding doing the research yourself.

The Analyze sections provides access to the Hammerpoint Repair Estimator, so the investor can accurate estimate what it takes to repair and or rehab the house. It also includes the Hammerpoint Rehab Planner, so that your repairs are done on time and on budget.

The Manage section provides the investor to manage all the documents associated with the Construction Management, LeadPipes information as well as the Mortgage Assistance Relief Services disclosure.

The Communications sections allows you to manage all client communication in one area, be it through emails, autoresponders, faxes or text messages.

Realeflow is a separate corporate entity and is not directly affiliated with Owner Finance Academy. Owner Finance Academy is a distributor of the application only and makes no warranties or guarantees of the application whatsoever. Any customer service issues must be addressed directly by the Realeflow team.


 Here is our Program, designed to fit each level of investor, and the pricing for each package.