Community Service


We donate the first ten percent (10%) of our training profits to benefit the poor. We fund providing food, clothes, glasses, education, job training, job placement, dental services, and soon transitional housing to the poor. We work with them to build themselves up, building up their self of significance, their HOPE, and the ability to integrate back into society.

The first ten percent of the profits made from each property deal in Dallas and the Mid-Cities are also donated to community service.

And all (one hundred percent) of all profits made the each property deal acquired for HOPE Homes Inc (a nonprofit real estate investment company that we manage) are also donated to benefit the poor.

We believe we have a sacred responsibility to help those less fortunate and we follow through with our money.While many organizations provide lip service to their desire to help those in the community or those less fortunate, we put our money where our commitment is.